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Airtrends is a portal of technical services in commercial and executive aviation, offering its clients a team of experienced and specialized partners, under an individualized and committed management.

The fields of activity are: 

• Monitoring and / or management of heavy overhauls on aircraft and components 

• Receiving and aircraft returns (end of lease) 

• Support for EIS – Entry Into Service, for new operators 

• Capability List upgrades 

• Structural repairs 

• Painting 

• VIP cabins 

• Maintenance Documentation and Maintenance Control 

• Commercial representation  

Detailed Scope of Services

Heavy checks: monitoring and technical support for maintenance services in Brazil or abroad, focusing on the analysis, definition and execution of the work package, aiming at reducing the costs of the maintenance visit through daily monitoring of the progress of tasks, analysis of discrepancies, inspection of components removed, and interface between operator, MRO, and OEM. 

Aircraft Acceptance and Returns: physical and document inspections; preparation for audits of aeronautical authorities, from the perspective of the airline or lessor / owner. 

Entry Into Service: support for new airlines or operators, through the structuring of maintenance engineering, and line maintenance support. 

Capability List Scope of services upgrade: support to increase the list of aircraft and component repairs. 

Structural repairs: damage analysis, definition and execution of complex repairs in metal and composite materials, supported by FAA DERs, especially air intakes, fan cowls, thrust reversers, and radomes (with transmissivity tests). 

Painting: definition of art, elaboration of stencils, and painting of commercial and executive aircraft (fixed and rotating wings). 

VIP cabins: repairs and interior renovations of VIP and Executive aircraft (woods, fabrics, upholstery), with issuance of relevant ANAC documentation. 

Documentation: preparation of technical documentation (maintenance organization manuals, inspection procedures manuals, procedures, forms). Elaboration of maintenance programs, analysis and monitoring of Airworthiness Directives, and fleet management. 

Commercial representation: inflatable shelters for in-line engine change, hangars and inflatable sheds.  

Inflatable Hangars and Sheds


The inflatable structures represented by Airtrends are delivered completely ready to use, and are easy to set up in the field, taking about two hours to be unpacked and inflated (medium size). No soil preparation is required, and the maximum wind speed they can withstand is of the order of 60 knots (110Km/h), for medium-sized structures (approximately 20 X 20m). 

Due to their simplicity of installation and the fact that they do not require structural concrete foundations (such as those intended for metal structures), approvals for installation at airports are simpler and faster than other types of hangars or shelters. The fabrics used are extremely resistant (approximately 250kgf per 50mm wide) and comply with European building and flammability standards: M2 (NFP 92-507), BS 7837 and Euroclass EN 13501-1 with B-s2-d0 classification. 

The construction is done through redundant fabric tubes, which, in the case of pin hole damage, will withstand the rest of the shelter until the repair is done. Repairs are simple and can be carried out in the field. Airtrends is able to provide support 24/7 if necessary. The durability of the structure is a function of its use, but for use in environments without excessive rain, cold or heat, is greater than ten years, usually reaching the twenty years. Care and storage after use are simple but require attention: clean the structure with vehicle wash soap, fold it up properly and store it in its box, storing it in a dry, protected environment. Otherwise, the structure requires no further maintenance or periodic maintenance. 

Airtrends offers a product without Brazilian similar, for specific situations that require: 

• Quick assembly • Portability 

• Easy installation authorization 

• Full front and / or rear opening, with possibility of doors / windows on the sides, according to customer's needs 

• Repairs and technical support 24/7

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